Friday, 12 January 2018

Ghost Division - Recce Patrol

Another tester for Bolt Action this time Blitzkreig Germans looking for a bridge to cross in Northern France. A platoon of dug in British infantry backed by a few tanks lies in wait.  Below them is a lazy river with a big bridge joined by a stream with a Wee bridge.  Willie is loving Bolt Action it is an easy game to play.  This game was played in Willie's garage with his excellent terrain set up and ready to go.  an impartial Johann was drawing the dice for us.

You get into the game play quickly.  A shot of turn two the German trucks race over the Wee Bridge, in the background,  to be joined by the previously repulsed motorcyclists.  

Repulsed motorcyclists currently "Down" but still underfire and taking hits, kills and more pins, the truck was also under /vickers fire on the bridge but failing to actually be damaged

Motorcyclists still down taking hits kills and more pins

British tanks  who got through the battle unscathed, Gerry was truely ambushed.  Below are some after the battle shots.




radio van


37mm AT

Tuesday, 9 January 2018

Duel in the Sun

We enthusiastically launched into Bolt Acton, immediately I hatched a plan to paint up my 20mm WW2 Desert Forces which I intended originally to play Battlegroup Tobruk with. This game had four players big livy is less keen, but Willie John and myself are definitely taken by Bolt Action

I set up a patrol clash battle four players two Indian and two German.  Each player entered from a table corner.  The 3rd Indian Motor Rifle v Rommels early war Germans.  I ordered Duel in the Sun, I have an abundance of tanks, which doesnt fit with Duel in the Sun which only has infantry platoon lists.  Undaunted however we plunge on.  

Here are the German force 

My best unit was my Portee on this occasion Australian as the 3rd Motor Rifle didnt has any 2pdrs in real life relying on Australians

In the centre is a PSC converted CMP

Below another PSC CMP conversion this time with a Early War Miniatures load.

We forgot to add pins when units were hit through most of this game but got in two and a half hours of play with a final shoot out between 3 squads of veteran Germans and four squads of regular Indians in the hamlet in the centre of the table.

The tank war book is ordered so I can see us playing this again with more pictures to follow.

Thursday, 4 January 2018

Yellow Ribbon Rule amendments

Yellow Ribbon amendments for TMWWBKs

The goal is to fit the John Ford Westerns not reality.

Currently in TMWWBKs the Apache's work and are as hard as nails, hard to kill and win most battles (not like a john Ford Western).  The Apaches must take limited ammunition but are allowed to be Fierce with an Attack Value 5+, their free order is then move.

To reflect the Plains Indians reluctance to charge I would change their free move to Skirmish but allowing all to fire if the range is under 6" thus adding pistol, spear,bow and antique musket fire. This reflects the buffalo hunt tactics. It encourages them to keep moving and to get close.

The difficult question is the 7th Cavalry.

One troop has the senior officer, who has a Bugler, that bugler can use three bugle calls
  • Sound the Rally.  During that turn all units that failed their Rally can re roll but must move a full move to the Senior officer
  • Sound the charge.  All units that failed a move or attack order can reroll but must move a full move towards the nearest enemy
  • Sound the Reverie All units are activated and must stand to

Pistol Packing, most of the time the Cavalry are firing in the charge, in reality US Cavalry had 2 pistols.  I allow them to fire at the end of a movement once or twice, they can have two shots then need to remain stationary to reload.

Last Stand order. Unit cant move, shoots its horses goes prone and counts as in Hard cover.  It tests for every casualty so far in the game on a 1 or 2 that trooper has rejoined the unit.

The Apache figures are from Freikorp bought about 20 years ago.  The Plains Indians from Blue Moon from 5 years ago in all I have fifty mounted indian figures

Wednesday, 20 December 2017

Rio Grande Massacre

John Ford's Rio Grande

This game had to go into serious development to get anywhere close to working with my favourite Dan Mersey rules. The Men Who would be Kings.  I love John Ford Westerns and want to match my favourite rules with these without destroying them.

The standard book lists have 
  • the Apaches as 3 veteran irregular Mounted Infantry with Modern Rifles and Field Craft 
  • the 7th Cavalry as 4 Veteran Irregular Cavalry with modern carbines
Play any scenario in the rules, I have several times, and the 7th Cavalry have been shot down, pinned down and most likely defeated by a smart Apache player something needs to go wrong for the Apaches when they roll for orders to get a turn around.

Game 1 cavalry almost wiped out in 5 turns
Game 2 Cavalry wiped out in 4 turns

In later scenarios even giving the Drunk Apaches only an 18 point field force all as Fierce Veteran Tribal infantry the cavalry are still struggling.  the apaches simply go to ground in cover and wait for cavalry, if they feel like it they can rush the church forcing the doora and killing children, Game Over

The forces assemble

Up this street

To this church ready for the apaches

Game 1 saw Quincannon get here

Eight survivors from two dozen

Last Stand

Monday, 4 December 2017

Willie's Fantasy Forces

This was a quick evening battle through the week with one purpose to play a scenario Willie had delved from a magazine 30 years ago, an incredible inspiration for him at the time to get involved in our hobby. Willie's Skellies are still in the making, still seem good to me. the orcs are looking very good, but the most important feature is the great Dragon Rampant Battle we had.  The forces of evil were trying again to storm the Dwarf Gold mine. the up shot was that only the off shift workers needed to come to the surface.

Dwarf Stone cold killing leader

Orc leader on the left here

Dwarf heavies and Xbows

Wednesday, 22 November 2017

First Strike Flames over the Falklands

I was so keen to play with these rules I couldn't wait before the modelling was finished and I had soloed the rules.  throwing everyone into it on a Tuesday night just like the Falklands Conflict itself.  I'll prepared with substitute equipment.  We went raw into the game reading the rules while we played afterall they were only 8 pages, 5 about battle who needs a QR.

The British Player had two harriers each Two GR3s and two FR1s  the Argies had a pair of Mirage 3s on a high level sweep.  

Turn One every one took a tentative move onto the table flying as a pair and checked out the order list, a bit of a struggle to understand energy and action points.  the argie player shows round pictures on his mobile of a Mirage at an airshow and recalls how low loud and fast it was.
Turn Two  First up we saw the SHARs turned into the enemy  the Mirages went supersonic using up 3 afterburner markers in a row but avoiding a bingo result.  The GR3s plough on to their target
Turn Three The  SHARS climb to pass the enemy head on.  The mirages go supersonic again close for a head on pass fire guns roll two 6s and riddle a harrier from end to end the lead SHAR gets a reply and misses. Both Argie  lead and wingman and pull hard to avoid San Carlos SAMs.  It is  also turn towards Stanley the wingman fails for bingo and is low on fuel.  The  SAMs the remain SHAR is still over San Carlos and gets hit by SAM and blows mid air.  The GR3 plough on to their target The result for turn two half the British for forces are out of the game. The original pilots were right to think about combat at medium or high level!
Turn Four The GR3 plough on to their target.  The lead Mirage stays supersonic again 3 afterburner markers closing on the GR3s. His wingman follows and goes low.  The lead Mirage bingos to low fuel.
Turn Five  The Gr3s bomb Stanley airfield, both hits and rack up four damage then try to turn into the Mirages,  he was  more interested in dropping his load playing on to get into the Mirages.  the Gr3s then trys to viff into the Mirage losing a mass on energy.  The lead mirage dives and turns into the rear of the GR3s launches an IR missile he again rolls a 6 blowing the back end off the harrier it crashed on the shore south of Stanley.  The alert team of SHARS enters from the North and 2 Skyhawks from the West.
Turn Six The lead mirage turns into he Atlantic to the east, his wingman turns west temptingly just out of range of the missiles of  remaining GR3 which powers up to 4 energy. The FR1s concerntrate on the skyhawks turning almost due east.  The Skyhawks split north and south over West Falklands.
Turn Seven  The lead Mirage turns back over West Falkand still at 6 energy, his wingman turns north east towards the Skyhawks is he going to cover them?  The GR 3 turns into West Falkland to line up on the lead Mirage climbing up and falling back to 2 energy.  The Alert SHARs close on the Skyhawk heading north at full tilt.  The North Skyhawk doesn't jettison bombs (seriously thinks about it) but turns hard into the SHARs ending over Pebble Island. The Southern Skyhawk turns back towards San Carlos, closing on the Mirage wingman
Turn Eight  The lead mirage turns into the GR3 at full tilt blowing through at 30cm. the Wingman heads for Sancarlos.  The GRs turns and dives  for San Carlos somebody is going to get the rest of his load. the Alert SHARS tryto Viff their way into a firing position but cant trun hard enough. The Skyhawks both head low for San Carlos
Turn Nine and Ten  The lead mirage and his wingman throttle back approaching San Carlos again ,this time with a harrier out to the west.   The skyhawks launch their bombs  (6.6) at Score Hits, the Gr 3 launches missiles and miss with both. the SHARS get their energy back up and one of them bingos for fuel but they cant catch the Skyhawks.

Turn ten was the last turn it had taken just over 2 hours.  all the players would play the rules again two were however still struggling with the concept and balance of the game.  With so many lucky 6s from the Argies and actual harrier shootdowns this gave I think a false impression.  Now to get on with modelling some real Falklands houses and completing the aircraft camo. 

Substitiute buildings for Port Stanley. airfield is burning Turn 5

Turn 10 San Carlos with Skyhawks bombing away while a GR3 tries to toast them

Alert SHAR team
Overall view of the board map at game end

Thursday, 9 November 2017

Dragon Rampant Daughter of Sequioa

Tussle at Elinor Ford

Sequioa my original druid Commander for the first wood elf battle.  To my think druids ar'nt exactly get stuck in types.  They are more like link correntors for the forest their job is to go in and rescue flaura an fauna under attack from exploiting nasties like ~Goblins,  Sequioa is therefore leading an recce  mission to assess how bad an incursion has occurred when the scout party is discovered by patrolling goblins, 10 are taken as captives tasty captives.  The Main party makes a run for their own stronghold beyong the Elinor River.  Goblins cross Elf Rivers at the risk of magical white horses. Played through the death race scenario in Dragon Rampant.  Gnash the Goblin leader rolls up as a commanding Leader boasts he will be the first to charge in and he will avenge the Fallen and put the Wolves on Sequioa.  Sequioa WISE leader vows to Rain Down our missles upon them, as the Gobbos will tremble before her party.  
Being wise she opts for the first turn
Wood Elves 2 Druids(light foot): 2 Mixed Light Warriors units : 2 Scouts
Goblins Gnash with bellicose foot with shiny armour: 3 Light foot warriors:shaman: 2 Scouts

Elven battle line forms

At deployment it became apparent that the clearing were the only place with any prospect of long range 12" fire and to give a line of sight for magic. Sequioa drew up her battle line to take advantage of this.  Gnash focussed on gettint ot and using the road.

The Goblin Scouts and Wolves were heavily battered with befuddling spells and a touch of shooting

Sequioa forms up

Gnash on the Road

The scouts facing Gnash were brutally crushed by Goblin warriors failing to both Skirmish and to evade.  Elm weaver the number two druid was pulled back to cover the flank and the second unit of scouts pulled over to stop a flank attack, they battered the advancing Golbin Warriors and also finished off a second unit before the game end.

Goblins mass up in front of the Elven battleline
This is just before the wolves literally tear Sequioa apart. The Gobbo shaman gives her a taste of magic with a befuddle spell then the wolves romp in.  on her death one of the warriors runs from the field, leaving Elm Weaver, druid one light foot and one scout unit.  The wolves are pin-cushioned

Gnash crashes into the flank of the last remaining Elf unit
Gnash inflicts four wounds and suffers three more on top of two from shooting.  His unit rolls a double 1 and flees the field, the Elves roll a 10

Scores Gnash Boasts 3 Glory units destroyed 3 = 6Glory   Total Glory  9
            Sequioa Boasts 3 Glory units saved 3 = 9 Glory     Total Glory 12