Friday, 27 April 2012

10mm Austrians 1796

This is my lastest project Austrians for the Revolutionary Period.  Playing General de Brigade inspired me to go back and look at the period when France's great generals had reached this rank, their main opponent was the armies of the Empire of Austria.

Latour, originally Walloon cavalry

IR9 Clertayf(Walloons)

IR38 Wurtemburg(Walloons)

IR 55 Murray (Walloons)
I do also like Walloons who fought in many armies throughout history with considerable honour
IR1 Kaiser

GM Staader
I fear these are the best pictures the phone camera will take, so far two brigades of foot are complete with the prospect of a grenadier brigade, a mixed grenzer/Cavalry brigade and a cuirassier brigade to finish off the project.